History of Friends of Children with Cancer Tanzania

Cancer is among the most threatening disease which has claimed many lives of our beloved ones in this world. Among 10 people you meet at least 8 has come across someone with cancer, whether relative, friend, neighbour, partner or family member. Friends of Children with Cancer was conceived by 10 friends who shared the same sentiments.

Among the 10 friends, its the touching story of Janet Manoni. She lost her mother in 2010 after 2 years of battling with osoephagus cancer (throat cancer), in 2011 her dad was diagnosed with pancriatis cancer 3 days before his death, if that is not enough in the same year her only sister started the journey of fighting osoephagus cancer. Unfortunately she lost the battle in 2012 leaving behind 2 children who are cared now by Janet.

This crisis has affected many lives and left many orphans. Cancer in Tanzania is currently a public health concern to such an extent that concerted efforts both from the government and other stakeholders including individual efforts have been called upon, so as to build synergies in the efforts to combat cancer in the country.

Currently the number of cancer cases has surpassed the number of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria patients put together. Recent national statistics (Globocan database) show, that at least 40,000 people develop cancer each year and 27,000 die of cancer annually.

Friends of Children with Cancer Tanzania, is a local registered society under the Societies Act in Tanzania. Our activities are governed by a constitution, and the Board of Directors is the body responsible for all interventions.

Our primary focus is to raise awareness and help children affected by Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as childhood cancer, orthopaedic and neurosurgery, before diagnosis, during and after treatment by supporting their daily needs of non clinical support including advocacy, educational, emotional and recreational in the hospital and at home (Palliative care).

In our experience working with MOI and BMC, 90% of these children are coming from very poor families and most hospitals are on cost sharing policy which charges admission fees, accommodation, food, drugs, investigations and consultation fees for children especially above age of 5 years.

We are supporting the non clinical needs of families to complement medical intervention by providing eg; advocacy, awareness raising campaigns (EWS) in villages throughout Tanzania, transport allowance to enable children to go to the hospital, pay their investigations like CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRI, blood work, palliative care, organizing surgical camps and data collection.

We aim at improving the well being of children with cancer, hydrocephalus and spina bifida by advocating for their non clinical needs and working with partners, donors, policy makers, government and general public to raise awareness.

If our story has touched you and you share the same interest, please join our network on the contact link on our website. Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

God Bless

FoCC Tanzania